Why did I choose Linux?

That’s a main point. I’ve have almost a year using Linux but I have tried it a lot and now I can share my experience and tell us some of the characteristics I found:

Fully customizable: From setting your menu bar transparent to build a new system from scratch you can customize Linux in any way you want. The only limit is you!

Stable: Linux (and in general all the *nix OS) is very stable. A big part of the 500 top supercomputers use it and it’s used by many of the most powerful server. Source .

Eye candy: Linux and the huge amount of Desktop environments (without mentioning the composition managers – Compiz, Beryl, etc) make Linux a very beautiful system.

Fast and lightweight: Linux is really a resource saver alternative compared to commercial OS like windows. The other day, I was looking at my school’s computers stats and i could observe that Windows, with the default theme, IE and Office open, uses (wastes) more than 512 MB of RAM while Linux uses less than 200 MB (even a lot less, depending of the DE). Also, Linux is very fast – it’s used by the most fast computer ever (IBM Roads runner). Do you need another fact?

Linux is Free: I think it is the most important factor. It’s not about any technical consideration, it’s about your freedom and your right to know more about the software you’re using.

I know there are some things that must be improved but I’m sure Linux will become better each day.