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I was wondering if there were any system monitor like the DSL one. I like the simplicity of this monitor and its minimalistic aspect.

I discovered conky and I could customize any thing I liked because conky has a lot of options to monitor your disks, RAM, network, swap, etc and pass any command to it

There are some screenshot in the official conky website. Take a look at mine

Conky with Tilda

Conky with Tilda

Apt-build: Optimization for Debian!!!

Apt-build is a package that lets you compile the packages from scratch and optimizing them. It approaches all the advantages of apt. There are many options, unfortunately not as much as in Gentoo’s Portage package system.

For unfeared users, there is an options that recompiles the entire system.

Tilda: A FPS-like console

Tilda is a console emulator intended to imitate the look and feel of the FPS games consoles.  I don’t use Tilda for this reason but it’s perfect to use as an embedded console into your desktop. I firstly used Eterm but it was not able to copy and paste form GTK 2.0 applications so I searched another terminal.

Look at the screenshot below.



OpenOffice.org 3 released

OpenOffice 3

OpenOffice 3

Finally, OpenOffice 3 was released on Monday. I had not posted it yet because my Internet connection didn’t work.

The biggest improvement of this version is the support for Microsoft Office 2007 file formats. However some magazines have said OpenOffice is not a full upgrade and it could be considered the 2.5 version

There is a huge load in the OpenOffice web site so you can experiment some troubles downloading the new version.

OpenBSD says Linux is rubbish


s known that since many years the OpenBSD developers – especially Theo de Raadt – have said they are very sad because Linux is so popular and It’s a real garbage. They are the best in the world, OpenBSD is simply the best free OS.

I’m not saying OpenBSD is a bad OS. I have read much about it and its cool features but it’s very security focused and is more useful in servers and networks, therefore a little hard to use as a desktop system.

I’m annoying about that commentaries because Linux is used in almost every environment, it’s  stable and secure (not as secure as OpenBSD) and used in more than 50% of the best computers on Earth.

Are those commentaries provoked by envy?

I don’t know.




How to install e17 in Debian sid

I recommend to install e17 only in Sid. The reason is that the official e17 packages are in the experimental repository. There are several repos for e17 but in my personal experience I prefer the official ones.

To add them you need to add these lines to your sources.list (you can use any server)
deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian/ experimental main contrib non-free
#If you want to use the sources
deb-src http://http.us.debian.org/debian/ experimental main contrib non-free

Then edit your /etc/apt/preferences (create if needed) and add these lines

Package: *
Pin: release a=unstable
Pin-Priority: 700

Package: *
Pin: release a=experimental
Pin-Priority: 600

Then issue apt-update && apt-get upgrade and apt-get install -t experimental e17

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